“Retal” sponsors the “Eastern Restatex” exhibition and highlights developments in the real estate sector

We participated in “Retal” in the “Restatex Al Sharqia 2023” exhibition as a diamond sponsor, which was launched last October 31 and continued for four days until the third of this November, at Dhahran Expo exhibitions.Participation in this prominent event aims to showcase the most recent projects and modern communities that we have developed, and through our participation, we always seek to highlight the details of our unique experiences in the field of developing and enhancing the real estate sector and achieving the most important goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, by providing suitable housing for every citizen.

The exhibition shed light on the recent developments in the real estate sector, and this major real estate event is considered one of the most prominent communication platforms between major companies in the government and private real estate development sectors. Retal’s sponsorship reflects the important and vital role it plays in stimulating progress and prosperity in the real estate sector in the Kingdom and emphasizes its pivotal role in this sector in achieving national development goals.

For his part, the company’s CEO, Eng. Abdullah AlBraikan stated: “Our participation in Restatex reflects our commitment to supporting the real estate sector in the Kingdom and providing products and services that meet the needs of beneficiaries and contribute to achieving the goals of Vision 2030. Such exhibitions also represent an important opportunity for us to showcase our latest projects and launch new initiatives.”

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