The transformation journey started in 2012 in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province

When Retal Urban Development joined the stellar Al Fozan Group of Companies and began to develop residential, commercial and mixed-use properties.
Retal represents the quintessence of craftsmanship by embracing the virtues of urbanism. The last ten years have seen us reimagine properties using a holistic approach underpinning a unified visionary design principle and creating meaningful destinations with urban real estate solutions. Today, our total asset value accounts for SAR 7+ billion, with 7000+ units developed or under construction.

In support of Saudi’s vision 2030, we have taken unprecedented steps in transforming the nation into a futuristic destination, ideal to live, work and visit. By exemplifying the key attributes of placemaking attributes, we envision revolutionising the Kingdom into a top destination of choice. Furthermore, the real estate value chain has been unified in the Retal Group via acquisition, establishments, and strategic joint ventures to deliver unique products with superior quality. This includes Nesaj, Building Contraction Co. (BCC), Tadbier, Tadbeir Real Estate Co. (TRS Co.), and more.

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Investment & Asset Management

With operational expertise and market trend analysis, we can evaluate an asset’s intrinsic value, as well as cost of acquisition, development, and enhancing the financial performance of properties.

Design & Construction

We build highly integrated residential communities with innovative designs, premium quality and full access to amenities.

Acquisition & Development

We are strategically focused on acquiring premier locations in Saudi Arabia, which has strong economic and favourable demographics long-term.

As creative visionaries, we aim to shape the future by building future-proof developments

That stand the test of time. We transform vacant plots into landscape poetry and create future possibilities properties are classy, upscale and are built to last. We create vibrancy, diversity, inclusion and provide a meaningful quality of life to the people.
A significant purpose of business drives our vision. As a result, our communities hold the reputation of being the next-generation urban development in Saudi Arabia.

Core Innovation Values

We explore new territories and aesthetics to implement craft mastery for iconic precincts and desirable communities.

We identify excellent opportunities to amplify value to curate experiences and build futuristic communities for the generations to come.

There is a character, meaning and resonance in our developments, contributing to brand loyalty. Our products are people-centric, enrich lives, cultivate wholeness and creates a sense of belonging.

In an era of rapid transformations, our responsibility, determination, and aptitude to succeed distinguish us from our competitors.

We deliver distinction by taking the lead role in transforming Saudi Arabia into a desirable living destinations.

Our professionalism allows us to create modern urban spaces in a balanced environment where people can live, work and play.

We value transparency and openness in every business dealing and relationship. Transparency aids Retal in building trust, driving portfolio growth, and making strategic alliances.

Cultivating purpose through brand mission

Our mission is to unlock the true potential of Saudi Arabia via strategic investments, innovative solutions and urban developments aligned to the 2030 vision.
We aim to stay one step ahead of our competitors to transform the future into reality by providing the next generation residential and commercial building solutions.

We build places that tell a memorable story by positively impacting societal wellbeing

These are stories that focus on human flourishing and enrichment With a distinct point of difference, our products fulfil every promise of urban development. These thriving places foster community engagement and create opportunities for community cohesion


We lead with mastery and innovation. Our sense of perspective, collaborative mindset and holonomic thinking principles empower us to create vibrancy to give every Citizen remarkable quality of life.

Holonomic Flourishing

Human enrichment and integrated living hold great importance to us. We cultivate wholeness via creative transformations, i.e., we care for our people and aim to protect and enhance the interest of our stakeholders.


We lead with charisma and act with integrity. Our entrepreneurial spirit empowers us to act decisively, create value, and be consistent in our offerings. We build affinity by contributing to upscaling the Saudi urban environment.


We exert our influence via resilience and performance. We aspire to build businesses that anticipate, adapt and endure for generations. We also endeavour to achieve market leadership in scale and profitability wherever we compete.

We ensure our developments are in coherence with the strategic vision to maximise shareholders wealth and contribute to the nation’s economy.

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