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Retal announces its intention to float on the Saudi Stock Exchange

Retal Urban Development Co. (“Retal” or the “Company”) is a next generation real estate developer of integrated master plan communities offering a premium portfolio of lifestyle-oriented residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties. Since Retal’s inception in 2012, the Company has played a key role in the development of the real estate market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Retal’s business model is scalable and is principally focused on off-plan sales in premier locations across the Kingdom. Through its fully owned subsidiaries, the Company offers a full-service integrated platform, delivering solutions across the value chain including project management, contracting, facilities management, and property management.

Retal has an engaged and experienced leadership team that generates superior returns and with strategic partnerships and strong economic and demographic opportunities over the long-term, Retal is poised to be Saudi Arabia’s homebuilder champion for years to come.

On the 9 May 2022, Retal formally announced its Intention to Offer 30% of its share capital to the public through an initial public offering (“IPO”) and listing its shares on the Main Market of the Saudi Exchange. Institutional and retail investors will be allowed the opportunity to acquire shares and participate in the long-term growth plans of the Company and the Saudi real estate market.

Chairman's message

“I am delighted to announce our intention to list
on the Saudi Exchange through an IPO.

“I am delighted to announce our intention to list on the Saudi Exchange through an IPO.

This marks a significant milestone in the growth trajectory of our business and a key step towards further solidifying our leading position in the Saudi real estate sector. Our potential listing comes at an exceptionally exciting time as we continue to make remarkable strides towards opening up to the world, creating new opportunities, and elevating the lifestyle of every Saudi family as part of the Vision 2030.”

Abdullah bin Abdullatif bin Ahmed Al-Fozan


“We are already witnessing a huge demand for high
quality developments in desirable destinations

“We are already witnessing a huge demand for high quality developments in desirable destinations

across the country and we anticipate this demand to continue, driven by strong economic trends, favorable long-term demographics, and Saudi’s commitment to transform the real estate landscape and improve the standard of living in the country. With Retal’s robust strategy, expertise, and financial strength, we are poised to capture these exciting opportunities while delivering excellent value to our shareholders.”

Eng. Abdullah bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al-Braikan



Retal Numbers

Total projects
+ 0

Total units executed
& under construction
+ 0 .000

Billion SAR
value of total projects
+ 0

Million SAR
in revenue FY2020

Million SQM total
built up area
+ 0

+ 1 k

Million SAR
in net profit FY2020

In a short timeframe, Retal has launched and achieved significant traction as a next-generation home builder and a trusted developer in building residential and commercial real estate.

The Company is the #1 real estate developer in Saudi Arabia, as awarded by the Ministry of Municipal,
Rural Affairs and Housing (MoMRAH) 2019 & 2020

  • Retal operates in the region’s largest economy, capitalizing on young, growing population and extensive government initiatives. 2030 vison programs and initiatives have significantly played a role in the evolution of the real estate market in the Kingdom, as boosting KSA’s population and employment, leads to a higher percentage of homeownership resulting in a growing mortgage market which is a keystone of the vision.

  • Access to home financing is improving with over 25% increase in the 12 months in H1 2021. Financial institutions lent SAR 79 billion, up from SAR 62.1 billion in H1 2020, with the number of transactions up 14% to 153,054.

  • There is a huge demand/supply gap offering Retal with an opportunity to exploit and grow further. Demand for housing is due to reach 4 million units by 2030 with a demand gap of 2 million units. Overall, real estate is a massive market with significant potential for Retal to become a key player for many years to come.
  • Retal has 4 business units that enable it to ensure quality control across the full supply chain, from concept development, design, and construction to sales.

  • This integration allows Retal to have full control over quality while minimising operational cost.

  • Nesaj provides high end services and engineering solutions through project management, in terms of design managements, site supervision and construction management for all type of projects.

  • Building Construction Company (BCC) engages in general contracting such as building repairs, demolitions, and renovations.

  • Tadbeir engages in general cleaning, maintenance and operating buildings, gardens, parks, and sports facilities.

  • TRS engages in the sale of fixed and movable assets, purchase and sale of land, management, and rental of owned or leased, real estate management activities for commission, activities of brokers agents, money management and preservation of the property.
  • Retal has over 7,000+ units developed and under execution since its inception in 2012.

  • The Company has built iconic master planned communities such as Nesaj Town Riyadh, Marasi Al Khobar and Retal Square. It predominantly focuses on highly integrated residential communities with innovative designs, premium quality and full access to amenities.

  • Retal has been recognised by the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs and Housing (MOMRAH) as the best developer in Saudi in 2019 and 2020. 
  • Built on a solid operating platform, Retal’s business model is scalable and utilises off-plan sales.
  • The Company offers a portfolio mix of residential, commercial, and recreational amenities capturing a wide audience across the affordable, mid-market, and high-end of the market segment. 

  • Off-plan sales model ensures that Retal is responding to market demand with low capital requirements, creating resilient capacity to paying dividends.

  • In 2020, Retal sold 2,010 units, of which 65% was sold off-plan. As of the nine-month period 2021, off-plan sales make up 91% of revenues.
  • Retal has demonstrated consistent revenue growth, high net profit margins and solid cash flow generation. For the FY 2020 vs FY 2019:

  • Total units sold: 2,010 vs 570
  • Total sales: SAR 587m vs SAR 456m
  • Net profit: SAR 99m vs SAR 59m
  • Gross profit margin: 21% vs 17%
  • Operating profit margin: 15.4% vs 10.5%
  • Return on Assets: 10.7% vs 10.0%
  • Return on Equity: 22.8% vs 25.1%

Retal has assembled one of the best technical, operational, and financial oriented teams in the KSA real estate market. It has also implemented a robust governance framework based on CMA’s Corporate Governance Regulations. You can read the managements biographies and details on corporate governance in the Prospectus.  

IPO Milestones

09 May
31-25 May
05 June
06-05 June
07 June
12 June
15 June
Expected trading commencement date for the Shares
To be confirmed
Intention to float and precuts
Offering Period for Participating Parties and Book-Building Period
Deadline for submission of Subscription Forms by Participating Parties based on the initial allocation of Offer Shares
Submission Period for Individual Investors
Deadline for payment of subscription money by Participating Parties based on their initially allocated Offer Shares
Announcement of final Offer Shares allotment
Refund of excess subscription monies
*Trading of the Offer Shares on the Exchange is expected to commence after all relevant legal requirements and procedures have been fulfilled. Trading will be announced in local newspapers and on the Saudi Exchange website (www.


Where is Retal Urban
Development planning to list?

The shares will be listed on Main Market of the Saudi Stock Exchange (Saudi Exchange).

Who is eligible to subscribe to the Offering?

Subscription to the Offer Shares is restricted to the following two groups of investors: (1) Participating Parties (any investor who is approved by the CMA) and (2) Individual Investors (Saudi Arabian nationals, GCC nationals and foreign residents in Saudi Arabia, with an active bank account with one of the participating banks), are eligible to subscribe to the Offering.

When will the Offering’s final price be announced for Individual Investors?

The Offering’s final price will be set after the book-building period is complete.

Will there be any restrictions for selling my shares following the listing?

There will be no implementation of a lock-up period or restrictions on the sale of shares following the listing.

How to Subscribe

Ensure you have an active current account with one of the participating banks.​

Visit to get more information abut the company and its public offering through the ITF and prospectus.
Make an investment decision after looking at the prospectus and discussing the details with your financial advisor.
Subscribe to the offering, priced at the top of the range, by visiting one of the receiving banks or applying on line or via their digital application.
One shares are allocated, you may or may no receive full allocation for your order. Any access will be refunded to you.
The company will list on Saudi stock exchange and changes in share price can be monitored on the exchange.

Sole financial advisor, lead manager, book runner and underwriter

SNB Capital Company​

The regional building of the Saudi National Bank, King Saud Road.
Molding. 22216
Riyadh 11495
Kingdom Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 9200 9200 00232

If you are interested to invest in Retal, please contact one of the Receiving Banks listed below which are collaborating with the Company in order to help investors and shareholders.

Saudi National Bank

King Fahd Road – Al Okeik District– King
Abdullah Financial Center P.O. Box 3208, Unit: 778
Riyadh 6676 – 13519
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 92000 1000

Riyad Bank

Eastern Ring Road
P.O. Box 22622
Riyadh 11614
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 (11) 4013030
Fax: +966 (11) 4030016

Bank Albilad

King Abdullah Road
P.O. Box 140
Riyadh 11411
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 (11) 479 8888
Fax: +966 (11) 479 8505

Media contact

Brunswick Group

Jade Mamarbachi / Joudi Issa
Tel: +971 4 560 9600

Retal Co.

Abdullah AlShuwayer
Tel: +966 54 226 0013


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