We work with passion
and mastery…

Retal Group for Urban Development represents a new generation of real estate development companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Retal Group for Urban Development is proud of its reliable expertise in the
field of development and implementation of residential and commercial
projects according to the highest quality standards, and provides various real
estate projects that meet all customer needs and live up to their aspirations,
in addition to providing an integrated platform Services and solutions related
to comprehensive development and construction work.

Retal has a distinguished team of experts who represent the strength and success behind its projects

They are the main factor in achieving the greatest value for it. Quality, Professionalism, Profession, Innovation. They are foundations that our team does not give up, and this is what we boast about in our projects to embody today success stories on the ground

Retal is proud that it has one of the most important and successful work environments in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Where we won the award for the best work environment in the Kingdom for the years 2021 and 2022 and we seek to achieve more success, because we believe that investing in people is the real investment capable of achieving all the desired successes.







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