Retal sponsors Mullak Program’s forum at Retal Square Project

Tadbeir Limited, a Retal Group Company, sponsored Mullak Program’s forum, held at the Retal Square Project in the city of Khobar on September 9th, 2019. The meeting was chaired by Tadbeir’s Managing Director, Eng. Khalid Al Mubarak, and attended by owners of residential units and representatives of the Ministry of Housing and the Mullak Program.

The meeting discussed the mechanism of the Mullak Program and presented the benefits of founding the Mullak Council for the owners and the project.

The program seeks to regulate the relationship between owners and occupants of joint-ownership housing units by establishing laws, regulations, and control mechanisms, regulating property and facility management services, as well as educating concerned individuals and raising awareness to ensure the preservation of rights, the realization of profits, and the promotion of a culture of co-existence.

During this forum, several issues and suggestions were presented and discussed to increase participants’ knowledge of the system and to explain the objectives and importance of the Mullak program for owners.

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