“Retal” Being Creative in #Al Sharqiya_gets_Creative

Continuing its creativity, Retal Urban Development put its project (Nesaj Town) in the hands of those eager seekers of the urban thought industry, as part of its participation in the Al Sharqiya gets creative initiative launched by the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra). Retal also initiated its project a contemporary architectural program that includes A set of various events, initiatives, and workshops with the aim of providing knowledge and interactive opportunities for innovators in interior urban design.

For his part, Omar Al-Mushrif, Director of Social Responsibility at Retal Company, explained that the company has been keen, since its inception, to enhance the quality of human life and improve cities and communities, and has participated in many enriching community initiatives in line with Vision 2030, as is the case with the “Al Sharqiya gets creative” initiative, in cooperation with the Center ” enrichment”. Ratal’s participation took place over eight consecutive days, from October 31 to November 7.

The activities and events varied between colors and urbanization and were similar in the enjoyment of visitors of all age groups, Mr. Omar added that Retal is committed to a creative methodology in development and will always strive to provide the best for the community, whether human or urban, and this participation comes from Retal Company in an effort to stimulate energies and explore Talents and skills in all societies that the company develops as part of its social responsibility and its keenness to provide continuous care for its customers and everyone who owns in its existing and future projects, Retal focused on children’s creativity as part of the company’s mission “We build for generations” and “sustainability” by providing entertaining workshops on recycling, in addition to its keenness to prepare and decorate the place with the remnants of building materials that were used in the construction of the Nesaj project, which built more than 2,300 housing units, This creative cooperation came as a result of the cooperation of the Quality Department in Retal Company with the BCC Construction Company to create a final image of a creative heart and a template for Nesaj Town in the Al Sharqiya gets creative initiative.

Various activities were included in the company’s agenda, which was decorated with huge games and various foods, in addition to various activities, including “The Weaving of Happiness”, which provided a creative knowledge opportunity for creators and designers in interior design through the “Interior Design Champions” lab, which served as a design incubator in which designers express their artistic creativity in forms Engineering and architectural rituals keep pace with the rapid urban renaissance.

At a time when the lighting characterized with events such as: “Gardens with Small Fingers” and “Nights of Lights”, the attendees had the opportunity to ride the “bus of creators” through an event dedicated to this, and the murals had a remarkable presence, especially since Retal’s goal is centered on urban renaissance with international standards and approved specifications allocated An event under the slogan “Walls that Speak” to highlight skills and creativity manifested in beautiful colors and patterns. It also unleashed creativity for “Acrobats and Colors”, as well as the “Small Contractors Factory”; To instill engineering work and interior design in the children’s community, as well as creating a generation capable of simulating creativity in design, as the group’s services are characterized by an architectural style that draws inspiration from its modern designs, in addition to integrated services, which makes it one of the most attractive development projects in the Eastern Province because it is an integrated family community that provides all facilities Distinguished by large areas. It is worth noting that the participation of the Al-Sharqiya gets creative Initiative amounted to 100 entities that varied between educational, artistic, entertainment and creative entities, with an average of 200 creative products replete with enriching templates, Al-Sharqiya starred in its last event

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