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Blows of serenity
If you desire a life filled with serenity and security, Al Safa Residences project is one of the ideal options for you!
Al Safa Residences is a residential complex, comprising of 8 luxury villas, and 48 duplex apartments.
Located in Al-Safa neighborhood, close to the landmarks and vital places in the Eastern Province.
The construction area of the villas is 427.86 SQM, the construction area of the duplexes is 281 SQM, and the upper floor is 263 SQM.
The project is characterized by the use of smart systems in the operation of residential units.
It is one of the most residential projects that give you serenity in your life!
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World-class amenities 

Type Sakanat Alsafa Villa – 428 SQM / SQM

  • Plot Area : 428 SQM SQM
  • Built-up Area : 337 SQM SQM
  • No. of bedrooms : 4
  • Floors : 2

Type Duplex – Ground Floor Apartment – 281 sqm / SQM

  • Plot Area : 281 sqm SQM
  • Built-up Area : 227 SQM SQM
  • No. of bedrooms : 4

Type Duplex – First Floor Apartment – 263 SQM / SQM

  • Plot Area : 263 SQM SQM
  • Built-up Area : 258 SQM SQM
  • No. of bedrooms : 4
Type Sakanat Alsafa Villa
Type Duplex – Ground Floor Apartment
Type Duplex – First Floor Apartment

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Sakanat Alsafa


The brand partnerships with influential firms and outstanding personalities have enabled us to develop a remarkable project. 

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