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Five Awards and stars shine in the sky of Retal’s achievements

On Thursday evening, October 6, 2022, we were pleased to collect five awards during the International Property Awards 2022-2023 (International Property Awards), one of the most prominent international awards in the field of real estate and one of the most important real estate competitions taking place in the region, which was held in the country the United Arab Emirates, Dubai specifically.

As we proudly received five awards, starting with a prize in the mixed-use development category for Retal Business Court projects, an award in the category of new Hotel Construction & Design for Retal Rise and Nobu Hotel in Al-Khobar, and an award in the category of Office Development in Saudi Arabia for Retal business center in Al-Khobar, and an award in the residential development category of 20+ units for Retal Rise in addition to an award in the category of Residential High Rise Development Units for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for Retal Rise in the city of Al-Khobar.

After collecting five awards, one of them is a five-star category in the New Hotel Construction & Design for the Retal Rise project and Nobu Hotel, which shone in the sky of its multiple achievements.

Abdullah bin Faisal Al-Braikan, CEO of Retal, stated: “I congratulate all the winners of the Real Estate Awards for their success, and we are pleased that Retal is being one of the best real estate developers in the region, and we aspire to be the pioneers in the sector. We hope to meet again to celebrate bigger projects, and celebrate with achievements that elevate us and us, achieving high luxury and quality of life.”

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