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Putting Social Responsibility
into Action and Committed

Retal commits to undertake the pillars of social responsibility that are compatible with world economic goals of sustainable development, the Kingdom’s vision, and its national strategy for social responsibility throughout its career, based on professional specialisation, integration of engineering services, and highly experienced human resources.
By fulfilling the following responsibilities:

1. Providing the highest urbanisation quality to the real estate industry and supporting initiatives to improve quality of life and environmental activities.

2. Working to accomplish future goals and consistent positive results that meet international environmental standards, including recording them in social responsibility reports and the company’s annual report on a regular basis.

3. Supporting the national economy by using locally sourced materials and committing to purchasing as much as possible from local suppliers to help small and medium businesses.

4. Developing the digital structure of the company’s products in order to provide reports that benefit the national economy and local products.

5. Developing housing solutions for low-income individuals to enable concerned authorities to offer suitable housing that meets their needs and improves their quality of life in comparison to the middle classes.

6. promoting social responsibility advisory services for the company’s members and clients.

7. Assist in creating job opportunities for community people by engaging in on-the-job training and programs offered by the firm.

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Retal Urban Development Company believes a successful implementation of a good governance strategy requires a systematic approach that incorporates strategic planning
Retal’s work culture is diverse, exemplary, equitable and engaging in every way. Our employees have tremendous depth of expertise
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